15 Beautiful Places in Tuscany, Italy

In the hot springs of Bagno Vignoni, many illustrious people such as Lorenzo the Magnificent and St. Catherine of Siena have found relief. Even today, the warmth of the waters and the sulfurous vapors rising from the pools provide moments of relaxation and well-being in a place like no others.
Autumn in the Terre di Pisa is also referred to as the “Truffle Season”. They know it well in #SanMiniato, a town known for its white truffle, which is celebrated every year in November with the prestigious Mostra Mercato.
In autumn it’s nice to be in the midst of nature, among woods and streams.
This is Londa, gateway to the Park of the Casentino Forests, Mount Falterona and Campigna.
There’s a historic event in Volterra which is a gathering point for families and fans of good food for a mouth-watering journey in the discovery of the flavors of the area and beyond. Don’t miss Volterragusto, find out all the scheduled events:
Nestled in the Maremma hills, a delightful village bears the name of a tasty fruit that once use to grown there: it is Pereta.
This small village – built by the Aldobrandeschi family between the 10th and 11th centuries – had an important military function due to its position of control over the only road that connected the coast to the hinterland.
The village, a hamlet of Magliano in Toscana, still keeps intact part of the city walls and a beautiful gateway.
A walk among Piombino’s historic buildings to the picturesque sea view of Piazza Bovio. From the town, you will reach the promontory, among coves and Mediterranean scrub, passing through the bay of Calamoresca until you reach the village of Populonia. Here, among important archaeological areas, you will discover other unforgettable viewpoints over the sea of the Etruscan Coast
Discover some of the most charming villages in Lunigiana by biking along the Ciclovia dei Castelli. This circular route on the banks of the river Magra is 47 km long and skirts lovely towns like Pontremoli and Bagnone.
It’s one of the most “instagrammed” places in the Terre di Pisa, with its colorful houses and contemporary art installations in the narrow streets. We’re talking about Ghizzano, a small hamlet near Peccioli.
Do you know the legend of the Devil’s bridge in Borgo a Mozzano? Guess that it’s told to be built by Saint Julian who, unable to complete this hard project, asked the Devil for help, offering him in return the soul of the first living being who would have crossed the finished bridge. Once the bridge was completed, Saint Julian threw a piece of bread onto the bridge, luring a dog to cross it
Are you visiting San Gimignano? Make sure to include all these stops in your itinerary and fall in love with this charming medieval gem of Tuscany

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