10 Mistakes Found In Big Movies

There are so many bloopers in the first Potter film. Mainly, Emma Watson mouthing the lines…of the other actors. How it made it through editing I’ll never know.
Raiders of the Lost Ark does this too. Indy’s revolver is suddenly a magazine fed pistol and then back to a revolver a couple of times
Empire Strikes Back, exactly how long were: Leah, Han, and Chewbacca stuck on that asteroid? And how long was Luke’s training? The two events going on side by side made it seem that Luke did his jedi training in an afternoon.
REPLY: “If I recall correctly the Century Falcon’s hyperdrive was busted so they had to fly to Cloud Land City at a much slower speed, taking weeks or months. At least that’s how it was explained to me.”
In Pretty Woman Julia Roberts is eating breakfast at the fancy hotel. She’s eating a croissant. Cut to Richard Gere. Cut back to Julia, she’s eating a pancake
We watch Die Hard every Christmas. This year we let our eldest watch it with us, and he spotted something we’ve never noticed; just after Bruce Willis hangs the guy from the chain, the same guy is then seen in the next shot at the top of the stairs behind Willis
Clooney’s death scene in Gravity when he’s being pulled away from Sandra Bullock. What the hell is supposed to be pulling him? I can deal with a little dubious sci-fi physics but I just can’t work out what the writers think is meant to be happening there
The end of Godzilla (2014) completely falls apart, mostly due to bad editing. The soldiers are making a run for the boat with the nuke, and Mama-muto is right on top of them. Then, it cuts to Godzilla, who fights Daddy-Muto for a while. He eventually smashes him into a building, killing him, but also bring the building down on Godzilla, crushing him to the floor. Ford escapes from the Muto nest, and has time for a little moment with fallen Godzilla.
The Force Awakens (Star Wars, Episode 7)…at the end of the movie, Princess Leia literally walks right by Chewie and totally ignores him (him being her deceased Partner’s lifelong best friend who she’s known since she was a teen) only to go in for a hug from Rey, someone she barely knows
In “Behind Enemy Lines” the pilot is able to walk a great distance in able to reach a specific point for radio communication. It’s a spot marked on his map for just such emergencies. During the radio transmission he has to go silent because enemy forces are close by. After cutting chatter the admiral gets upset and yells at someone to “triangulate” his position. Admiral sir… You already know where he (at)…why are you asking to know where he is?”
In the movie “Charlie’s Angels”, Drew Barrymore’s character shouts “LUCY!” to Lucy Liu, instead of her character name.
REPLY: “Same in The Goonies. Mikey calls out “Josh” (Josh Brolin) then corrects it to Brand.

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