10 Pie Recipes

Corned beef and potato pie, these individual shortcrust pastry pies get a generous shake of Worcestershire sauce and taste of my childhood! Recipe HERE
This pie is super easy to make, and totally indulgent. If using left-over roast lamb you will need three cups per pie. Recipe HERE
This Family-size Meat Pie is the one you pull out. With a shortcrust base, slow-cooked fall-apart chunks of beef are smothered in a rich gravy, topped off with a golden puff pastry lid. Recipe HERE
The Best Beef Mushroom Guinness Pie is a fantastic meal filled with beef marinated in Guinness Stout! The beef and veggies can be braise in the oven, cooked in the Instant Pot or slow cooker! The stout adds a rich flavor to tenderize the beef! Recipe HERE
Fall apart, ultra tender chunks of beef, bursts of fresh mushroom smothered in the most incredible gravy and topped with flaky, golden puff pastry. My friends, this is not just another beef pie. This is an EPIC Chunky Beef and Mushroom Pie with a little secret ingredient that takes this to the next level! Recipe HERE
For this recipe, use whichever game you most enjoy. A mixture of different meat is recommended, though, to create a more interesting pie. Serve generous size portions with creamy mash, steamed savoy cabbage, and red onion. Recipe HERE
This spiced Moroccan-style pie would make a grand addition to a buffet.
Recipe HERE
This is no ordinary turkey pie. It is a cranberry, turkey, minced pork and hot water crust pastry pie, that not only looks beautiful but tastes amazing! Recipe HERE
A classic pie gets the Calum Franklin treatment in this stunning recipe, which combines rich beef and Stilton cheese with sweet onions, earthy mushrooms and an incredible sauce. The perfect way to spend a chilly Saturday in the kitchen. Recipe HERE
Smokey, rich and creamy beef stroganoff makes a delicious dinner in its own right, but the leftovers are perfect in pies! Recipe HERE

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