5 Fairy Tale Places For An Amazing Vacation

 Colmar , France

The capital of the Alsace wine region, Colmar looks for all the world as though it has been plucked from the pages of a medieval folk tale. At times the Route des Vins d’Alsace fools you into thinking it’s 1454, and here, in the alley-woven heart of the old town, the illusion is complete. Read more HERE
The Tulip country in bloom

Forget the Dot Com bubble, the Dutch had it first with ‘Tulip Mania’ (1636-37). Now Tulips provide a steady income to this flower nation. We’ve booked into the Keukenhof gardens, and we’re planning on following the ‘Flower Route’ or ‘Bloemen Route’ Read more HERE
Rockport is an old fishing village and artist community.  This old red fishing shack, purported to be the most painted building in America . Read more HERE
Alberobello ,Italy

You may not have heard of this cute hidden fairytale village as it’s one of the lesser-explored areas among tourists making it so unique. It’s known for its cone-shaped homes called Trullo. You can even stay in one which is an experience like no other! Read more HERE

The castle of Neuschwanstein , Germany

The Neo-Gothic castle isn’t a hidden gem or secret place, despite being a bit of a hassle to get to. It’s almost 2 hours from Munich in the middle of nowhere. In fact, the crowds are decidedly horrible. Read more HERE

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