Everything Has Its Use When These People Are Around!

I picked up a used cardigan that turned out to look much better in the picture than in person. So I turned it back into yarn and crocheted the yarn into a cat bed
I made these reusable sandwich bags from upcycled fabric and a dollar store shower curtain. It’s cheap and can be used for years if it’s well taken care of
My grandma stitched this plastic lid together from a 20±year-old container when it broke
The handle broke on the pot lid. Some scrap wood and a spare screw later, good as new.
My collection of paper towels and toilet paper rolls are finally becoming this year’s seed starter pods.
Here are a few pieces of furniture that I’ve upcycled. They were thrown out by somebody, so I picked them up, upcycled them (a new coat of paint, new fabric, polish, etc.), and gave them a new lease on life
Onion skins are a natural dye with zero waste. Boil skins with vinegar and let them sit for at least 24 hours

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