How to Make a Classic Cheese Pizza

A classic cheese pizza is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. The delicious combination of crispy pizza crust, flavorful tomato sauce, and bubbly cheese make for an unbeatable combination. Even if you’re a fan of unique toppings, it’s hard to resist a slice of a plain cheese pie! Ree Drummond has all sorts of fun pizzas on the menu at P-Town Pizza in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, like fig-arugula and potato-leek. But she made sure to have a classic cheese pizza in the mix, too—and it’s a fan favorite. Keep reading to get the recipe.

A good classic cheese pizza starts with a good basic pizza dough—and it’s not hard to make your own. Once you know your way around homemade pizza dough, making your own pizza is easy. 

See recipe HERE

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