Pork Banh Mi Burger

Are you as obsessed with Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches as we are? We are so in love with the unique combination of savory, salty, tangy flavors and chewy, crunchy textures that a single bite of banh mi delivers. That airy, chewy baguette to the crisp crunch of pickled daikon and carrots, to a sharp kick of chili heat, to the porky filling, we gobble these French-accented Vietnamese beauties up every chance we get. Despite our love for them, they’re not a sandwich we make at home very often—they’ve usually been relegated to the world of takeout for us. Until Bon Appetit shared a recipe for banh mi-spiced pork meatballs that got us thinking outside the takeout box! Thus, this juicy, sriracha mayo-slathered banh mi burger was born. It’s easy to whip up at home and it hits the spot whenever our banh mi cravings strike.


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