Stories Of How Actors And Actresses Got Their Famous Roles

To get her iconic role in Titanic, Kate Winslet (then a little-known actress) had to try very hard. With the help of her agent, she got James Cameron’s phone number and kept calling him, insisting that she was ideal for the part of Rose DeWitt Bukater. Kate even sent the famous film director a bouquet of roses with a note saying: “From your Rose.” Despite the fact that the actress went a bit too far, these gimmicks helped her achieve her goal!
To get the role of Thor in The Avengers, the actor had to resort to a little trick. Hemsworth is 6’3’’ while the brief for the audition stated a height limit of 6’1’’ (the director didn’t want a big-screen Thor to “dwarf” the other characters). As a result, Hemsworth lied about his height.
The director of the classic horror movie, The Omen, spent a lot of time and effort on casting the main role — the son of the devil disguised as a little boy. At the auditions, Richard Donner asked each of the young applicants to attack him. 4-year-old Harvey Spencer proved to be the most convincing. When he punched Donner, the director realized he had found the perfect Damian!
Auditions for the main roles in the Harry Potter franchise lasted for a long time — the director/producers could not find the right person to play Hermione. Finally, JK Rowling herself joined in the search. One day she happened to chat with Emma Watson over the phone, and was totally delighted by the results. At many points during the conversation, the 10-year-old girl talked incessantly, not letting the writer get a word in. This made Rowling think she’d be an ideal choice to portray Hermione in the movies.
David Fincher is usually very thorough when choosing actors for his movies. But sometimes everything is decided by chance. According to the director, Ben Affleck got his role in Gone Girl because of his smile! “In the movie, there’s a scene where journalists ask the husband to stand next to a photo of his missing wife, and he does so with a very strained smile. I flipped through Google Images and found about 50 shots of Affleck giving that kind of smile in public situations. So, that’s when I realized he’d be ideal for the part!”

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