The Adventures of Pinocchio

The Adventures of Pinocchio is one of the most famous and appreciated Italian books. It’s strongly related to Tuscany because the author Carlo Collodi lived and grew up here. Discover all the places tied to Pinocchio!

 The book’s author, Carlo Collodi, was heavily inspired by his childhood growing up in Tuscany, and there are many places that pay tribute to him and his beloved puppet. Adults and children alike are bound to have a blast exploring the places tied to the famous novel. 

You might be surprised to learn that the author of Pinocchio was not actually born with the surname Collodi. That’s the name of his mother’s birth town! Carlo Lorenzini was born in Florence, but wanted to honour this important place in his childhood, so he changed his name after the town. You probably won’t see everyone’s favourite wooden puppet as you stroll Collodi’s streets – it’s not officially known where the tale takes place – but one day here and you’ll understand why the author was so quick to pay it homage.
Dating to the 12th century, the town is set atop a hill, giving it the appearance of being a “cascade” of homes nestled on the slope of a mountain. 

The Pinocchio Park in Collodi is a dream come true for anyone who loved the classic children’s tale growing up. Opened in 1956, families will enjoy a splendid day out as they explore the gardens and the Pinocchio-themed installations found throughout the park. The park is located on the grounds of Villa Garzoni and narrates the story visually, immersing visitors in the plot.
The themed paths follow the book’s storyline, taking visitors past statues of characters in the order in which they appear in the book. So, you’ll live again Pinocchio’s encounter with the Fox and Cat, Jiminy Cricket’s wise advice (he is known as Grillo Parlante, the ‘talking cricket’ in Italian) and the meeting with the Blue-Haired Fairy.

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