These Famous Monuments Are Located In

The Sri Mahamariamman Temple

This is the oldest Hindu temple in the city, and actually is found in Chinatown. The main façade is simply astonishing, and you can spend some time in front of the temple simply looking at the small details. Read more HERE
El Castillo

Following their conquest of Yucatán, the Toltecs began the construction of what later became the famous El Castillo pyramid, right atop of an older structure.

From that moment on, Chichén Itzá elaborated its reputation, resulting in that it became the epicentre of Mesoamerican civilization, housing approximately 35.000 inhabitants at its peak.
For that reason, both historians and experts believe that this particular settlement is the most important event throughout the rich history of Chichén Itzá. Read more HERE
Château Frontenac at fall- Quebec city

Photo by Nino H. Photography on Getty Images
St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

When you think of Red Square you probably picture St. Basil’s Cathedral, maybe the Kremlin. While these are definitely the main attractions, there’s actually so much more than just that. Read more here
The Supreme Court Building

In 1962, future Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan outlined the Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture, which prioritized contextual, human-centered buildings and argued that “an official style must be avoided.” Read more HERE
St. Andrew’s Church – Kiev, Ukraine

Photo by Clement Celma on flickr
The Blue Mosque , Istanbul

See more HERE

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